James Jandak Wood is a filmmaker and writer based in the San Francisco area.

James grew up outside of Providence, coincidentally, during the era of Outside Providence. He ran track and cross-country at Villanova University (punctuated occasionally with classwork), graduated, had two amazing children, and married Jennifer Jandak Wood; a talented singer, musician, and a brilliant scientist.

After studying film classes at the Film Arts Institute and the Bay Area Video Coalition, James embarked on his first film - a feature documentary. The film, Crude Impact, screened in over thirty film festivals and won many awards. Crude Impact has been translated into five languages and broadcast in numerous countries around the world.

James has written and directed a number of other short narrative and documentary films. He also wrote and directed a play entitled A Modern Encounter. James just recently completed writing another play, The Chaotic Art of Life, which will open in Sonoma, California in April of 2016.

James is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Oregon State University. As an undergraduate, James earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University. He also studied studied Shakespeare and Contemporary British Fiction at Oxford University English literature summer school, and studied film at the both the Film Arts Institute and the Bay Area Video coalition.

See a Link TV interview with James on the topic of peak oil.