The play A Modern Encounter is a multimedia romp through the world of relationships in the internet era. Using live theater, film, music, and machinima, the play explores how we succumb to our fantasies despite conflicting reality and how this surrender to fantasy is exacerbated by technology.

The story was inspired by Noël Coward’s play Still Life in which two strangers meet in a cafe and feel a strong attraction for one other. A Modern Encounter explores how this chance meeting might unfold in a society tangled up in the world wide web.

The play ran for three weeks - eleven performances - in August of 2014 at the Andrews Hall Theater in Sonoma, California.




Greg Louis, Kerstin John, Sean McQueen, Jennifer Peck, Jim McFadden, Ariana Keever, Frances Weiner, Anthony Abaté

Written, Directed and Produced by James Jandak Wood

Moira McGovern, Stage Manager; LA Bates, Assistant Stage Manager; Robin DeLuca, Light Design; Albert Casselhoff, Sound Board;  Debbie Bowen, Wardrobe; Gianna Morton, Makeup; Kaylin Riebli, Prop Master; William Harlan, Video; Adalid Hernandez, Stagehand; Music by Tan Vampires and Molly Ventner; Kathleen Griffin, Machinima Artist; Kassidy Love, Photographer.