life after dogma

Two men from conflicting cultures find themselves in the afterlife confronted by a woman who must determine the next step in their existence. When she informs the two men that their religious beliefs were unfounded, they work to assimilate this new information while grappling with years of instilled dogma.

Directed and Written by James Jandak Wood

Producer, Dionisio Ceballos; Assistant Director, Véronica Duport Deliz;
Cinematographer, Dan Shimer; Lighting, Ken Martini; Sound, Seth Peterson; Composer, John DeBorde; Makeup, Elizabeth Fox; Set Design, Tom Franco; Boom Op, Winson Tam; Script Supervisor, Linda Lodico; Production Assistants, Joshua Meadow,
Kim Wilber; Casting, Nina Henninger,
Sarah Kliban.

Robert Anthony Peters, Tarek Khan, Taniesha Collins, Don Williams, Jonathan Leveck, Matthew Shelton, Parvender Singh