the chaotic art of life


Evan is a copy editor for a small underground newspaper. Mark is an employee at an art gallery. They share an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. When Mark brings home an art installation titled The Fractal Dissonance of Clothing with Ladder and plants it in the middle of the living room, their disharmonious relationship erupts into open hostility. The ensuing battle around art - along with the arrival of a young fashion design student as a roommate and mother appearing on the scene - forces the two men to confront their inhibitions around art, love, and life.

The play ran for three weeks - eleven performances - in April and May of 2017 at the Andrews Hall Theater in Sonoma, California


Andrew Ravani, Galya Loeb, Ben Diserens, Jennifer Peck, and Matthew Loewenstein

Written and Directed by James Jandak Wood

Moira McGovern, Stage Manager; Chris Matthies, Assistant Stage Manager; Bruce Lackovic, Set Design; Bill Ferguson, Light Design; Debbie Bowen, Make-up and Stagehand; Lori Bailey, Prop Master; Miller Oberlin, Photographer.

Produced by